Of course, that dosen't make it so. What if I took you down the _other_ road to orgasm, along which lies throbbing pain, perverting the mind until the hurt turns to pleasure and you come from pain alone . running out of room again. I think you missed my point.one of the big reasons that we stayed together as long as we did was part of our religion. and your body spasms into a wonderful orgasm, your cunt squeezing the cock which is deeply inserted into your body. Her personality had definitely not matured, and I even cosidered her to be quite a brat. We met at the Hyatt on First street. Her hands clawed and pulled my hair. I think it'd do us both some good to loosen up a bit, though. She kept this up for a while and then it was time for the fifth photograph - taken from the end of the exam table to show my legs in the stirrups, my hand around my very erect penis, and the thermometer in my ass.